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Meeting Recorder is the best ever Minutes of Meeting taker. Now no need to worry of missing key points during your discussion. You can take notes, record audio and video. This is available for the Android Smart phones and Tablets.

Meeting Recorder records notes, audio and video at the same time. It combines the functionality of a notepad, a voice recorder and video recorder to create a powerful tool that will save you time while improving the quality of your notes. Perfect for business or students!

It helps managers, secretaries, journalists, researchers and students to record meetings, interview, lectures, and classes, seminars ,to-do lists, shopping lists or even your kid’s voices. It produces high quality recordings and supports following features:

• A simple user interface
• Background recording and playback (other apps can run while Smart Recorder is recording or playing or your device can be sleeping during recording or playback)
• Recorded data stored in the sdcard in the different folders according to the particular date.
• Categorize/sort recordings
• No time limit on recordings
• Drop box
• Time menu/list buttons to quickly navigate through your recordings
• Many system settings to control the behavior of Smart Recorder

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