Metalwork Calculations



1.Straight Stairs: calculate step rising, step going, stairs angle, stairs rising and going.
2.Draw Stairs on Table: enter step rising and going, step quantity and you'll get data for draw 2 parallel stringers on table.
3.Balustrade: calculate gap between balusters.
4.Spiral or Helical Stairs: calculate handrail length, step rising, angle for baluster, circumference and curvature. When you have circumference you can calculate gap between balusters and quantity. Curvature is bending radius for handrail.
5.Perfect Panel Length: calculate panel length.
6.Section (Panels Same Length): calculate number of panels for one section and gap between balusters.
7.Section (Panels Different Length): panels are different length and gap between bars vary from panel to panel.
8.Calculate Radius: you'll get radius, arc length and panel length.

Drawings dimensions and data in input fields are the same. Calculations fires on key-up key.

I am 3d designer for Architectural Metalwork. I have more calculations and will publish more in future. using my calculations will save you time in production.

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