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MyCarTracks is revolutionary way for tracking your vehicle, fleet or your employees/workforce and their trips. More and more vehicle owners, business owners, fleet managers and companies are discovering this new way how to efficiently track and manage their resources.

Track your Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Boats or Heavy Construction Vehicles - fits for any type and size of fleet.

♥ More than 250 000 app downloads and thousands daily active users that loves our service. Take a tour and learn more at

♥ The ONLY app that has intelligent revolutionary battery friendly AUTO start recording feature. Start recording and you can "leave it and forget about the app", it automatically records every track throughout the day.
How? The app recognises that you're moving and records tracks throughout the day. This feature has advanced movement detection that helps saving battery. Optionally you can let the app to start recording when connected on charger, bluetooth headset or automate with Tasker plugin (see our other apps).

★ MyCarTracks is breaking traditional approach on vehicle/fleet tracking by removing the need to install GPS unit (blackbox, mileage logger) to your vehicles. As replacement it uses your android device (phone/tablet) that you or your employees are carrying every time driving a vehicle or working outside the office. It's so easy, just install an app and the phone is turned into GPS tracking unit with much more advantages than old in-car GPS units.

★ MyCarTracks GPS mileage tracker sends data to where they are securely saved on the cloud. You can track your personal vehicle position and routes or fleet location on a map and generate stunning reports that can be used for optimizing your time and costs or tax purposes.

★ With MyCarTracks you can record tracks and visualize your tracks on world map while watching live performance statistics. Control route, distance (km or miles), drive times, stop times and much more. Use reports to create mile log for IRS deduction and business expenses reimbursement.

♥ App features: Auto recording (on move, on bluetooth, on charger), offline and online recording, job dispatch, multiple vehicles, customisable settings, tracks history and statistics and many more.

♥ Web features: live tracking, historical trips, log book incl. IRS report, geofences, alerts, job dispatch, Geo Analytics, Fleet management, Shared maps (historical and real-time), integrations and API, vehicle statistics and many others.

♥ How to create fleet
Create vehicles on your master account share them among phones or tablets of your employees. Learn how to create fleet here

You can use MyCarTracks Android app for free forever. Use all features our app offers, track and store recorded tracks on your phone or PC, export reports or view them on other software (like Google Earth). You can also store them in our Web Management Application for 2 weeks where you can view actual position or tracks directly on map, view stats and export reports for free. Advanced features and longer data storage (even for lifetime) starting from only 0.93 USD (0.67 EUR) per vehicle! Pricing plans

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