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    Why go Mobile?

    There is one big problem that is causing many businesses to lose customers and clients in a big way. These companies are not optimizing their website for portable mobile devices. It simply means that users immediately switch to another company’s website that is optimized for such gadgets. Internet users are already finicky and impatient. Mobile users simply do not have the patience to keep fiddling with small buttons unnecessarily trying to check a webpage that is mainly designed for desktop environment. Such a website is difficult to access and use on mobile devices.
    The limitation of a small device is that it cannot accommodate inflexible web design, large images, heavy graphics, and web pages that are not responsive to the specific portable device requirements.

    The problems are:

    • Difficulty in accessing content

    • Difficulty in reading multiple column texts

    • Navigation issues

    • Different types of formatting problems

    • Lots of text boxes that are difficult to fill

    • Heavy web pages that load very slow and consume precious bandwidth

    • Images do not appear properly because of resolution problem

    There are many other such problems that force mobile users to dump a website in favor of another website that is optimized for a mobile. There are also other facts that cannot be ignored. For example, people on the move are always with their smartphone and for checking any product, service or information they prefer using their mobile rather than the desktop computer which is simply unavailable or impractical to use in such a situation. Even at other places it is easier to open the mobile device and instantly check the required information. With the pc, the user has to first open it and wait for the operating system software and application software to load, and then wait for the internet connection to become active. It is quite a troublesome process and not suitable for small surfing needs that keep coming up every now and then. Because of these issues, more and more mobile users are switching to a mobile optimised website.

    They are using these websites to:

    • Check information

    • Buy a product or service

    • Book tickets

    • Fill forms

    • Locate a business

    • Find and contact a business, a professional, or any other person

    Most smartphone users now expect a company to have mobile optimized websites. Nowadays, a website can be designed and developed in such a way that it is responsive to the requirements of both desktop computers and mobile devices users. Such smart websites can recognize the user’s device detail and let the user access the website format that is most suitable for the type of device in use.