Mobivite CheckIn



Mobivite checkin app which is now available for android phones is a technological substitute for the traditional method of paper attendance. It passes all the limitations posed by the traditional attendance style by providing an easy solution for taking the attendance of attendees attending a real-time event. All you have to do is download and install the mobivite app on your android phone. After login with your assistant id of the event, all the real time information regarding the attendees registered for the event will be shown along with the option to scan attendee tickets. When the attendee visits the venue and produces the ticket to get the entry, you just have to click the scan button and scan the barcode on the ticket. Rest is the work of this app which will show the ticket details (only in case of valid ticket) along with the option to check-in. if the check-in button is pressed the attendee would be automatically checked-in and the result would be saved on the server. You can also do manual search for the attendees by providing the information to the search textbox and the result from the server would be generated instantly. Basically you have all the saved information about the attendee at your hands. If you want to call or email an attendee, you can do it instantly. So provides a powerful tool at the hands of event organizers and helps them save their time and energy during the time of event.