MoMoAL for Merchant

MoMoAL for Merchant

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Equips a merchant with the ability to run loyalty programs, advertise, and most importantly, see customer spending patterns in real-time, to help understand the customer who has just walked in. All on a phone.

Works like Facebook and Whatsapp, both of which are download-and-use systems. Customer data resides on the merchant's phone. They are anonymous, so no need to deal with privacy laws.

Costs :

* No commission.
* App for customers is free of charge.
* Notifying customers automatically about their rewards status is free of charge.

* Service subscription is about 1.50 USD per year, paid to Google.
* Advertising is about 0.80 USD for neighborhood (5 km radius), 4 USD for city (30 km radius), and 8 USD for metropolis (100 km radius), also paid to Google.

Customer app (MoMoAL) :

Features :

* Cards - Loyalty card issuance is optional. Accepts almost all contactless cards. Singapore CEPAS cards such as EZ-Link and NETS FlashPay also accepted.
* Android Beam - Customer app can work as loyalty card, beaming auto-generated card ID to merchant's phone.
* Card reading - Using built-in NFC, or an external USB reader.
* Customers - No registration is needed. Just tap and go. No concern of customer privacy and personal data protection.
* Customer intelligence - Shows median, maximum and amount of each purchase of the current customer, relative to the median of all customers, for the past two months. Helps merchant in introducing products.
* Friends - Allows customers to form their social circles to accumulate reward points together.
* Rewards - Automatically shows what rewards a customer can redeem, and sends this to the customer's phone.
* History - Shows the 20 most recent deals of a customer and the latest reward redemption. Do a short press on the loyalty card ID to show the history.
* Advertising - Delivers advertisements to phones that have the MoMoAL app installed.
* Overall stats - Shows total cards, redeemable points, deal graphs etc.
* Card addition - Long press on loyalty card ID shows card QR code. A customer scans it to install the MoMoAL customer app, and add the card. Not needed for Android Beam.
* Contact - A customer calls, views your shop location in map, and gets direction through MoMoAL app.
* Usage in restaurant - The loyalty card can be presented during food ordering for reward redemption. It can be linked to a proxy tag placed on the table. The proxy tag is used for reward point recording during payment.
* Amount tags - Allow amounts to be entered by tapping NFC tags. Simply create an amount tag for each price. When a payment is made, tap the loyalty card, followed by an amount tag. Tap amount tags one by one to add the amounts together.

USB reader :

Optional. We recommend ACR122T ( ). Other compatible ACS readers may also work.

Usage in restaurant :

Friend support :

Cards :

- Singapore. All CEPAS cards, eg EZ-Link, NETS FlashPay.
- Malaysia. MyKad, MyPR, MyKAS, MyRapid, Touch n Go, ManjaLink.
- Thailand. Bangkok Metro fare card.
- Hong Kong. Octopus.
- China. 一卡通.
- United Kingdom. Oyster.
- USA. Clipper, ORCA.
- Australia. ACTION MyWay, metroCard.
- (and many others)

Proxy, friend and amount tags :

We recommend NTAG203 with 144 bytes of memory. You can buy from Amazon or any preferred retailer -

Friend creation :

Customers can use the Friend Maker app to create friend tags to build their friend circles, by themselves -

Note :

- The app icon is derived from a drawing by Francesco 'Architetto' Rollandin, taken from OCAL 0.18 release.
- The app uses the MPAndroidChart library, under Apache License 2.0.
- Some icons are used under the creative commons license.

Recently changed in this version

Directs customer to PayPal to make payment, using QR code.

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