MoMoAL for Merchant

MoMoAL for Merchant

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Enables a merchant in any country to :

* Conduct loyalty programs.
* Deliver news/advertisements to existing and potential customers.
* See the spending pattern of the customer who has just walked in.

Just install this app and start using. Tap the customer's card (almost any card) or phone during sale. Customer data resides on the merchant's phone, available for own analyses and backups. Customers are anonymous, so complies with privacy laws.

Unlike some sites that capitalize on your customer data or even own your pictures, MoMoAL provides only transit service. Our server does not keep such information.

Costs :

* NO commission.
* App for customers is FREE of charge.
* Customer reward notification is FREE of charge.
* Annual fee of 1.50 USD is WAIVED.
* News/advertising is 0.99 USD for neighborhood (5 km radius), 1.19 USD for city (30 km radius), and 1.49 USD for metropolis (100 km radius). One free neighborhood advertising per week. No limit on number of recipients.

Customer app (MoMoAL) :

Features :

* Optional loyalty cards. Uses host-card-emulation (HCE), Android Beam or existing contactless cards.
HCE demo see
Android Beam demo see
* Voice recognition for entering of amount.
* PayPal payment.
* No customer registration.
* Customer intelligence.
* Friends
* Customer history.
* News/advertising.
* Spending and reward statistics.
* Reward notifications.
* Use in restaurants
* Amount tags.

Details :

* Customers - No registration is needed. Just tap and go.
* Customer intelligence - Shows median, maximum and amount of each purchase of the current customer, relative to the median of all customers, for the past two months. Helps merchant in introducing products.
* Friends - Allows customers to accumulate reward points together.
* Rewards - Automatically shows what rewards a customer can redeem, and sends this to the customer's phone.
* History - Shows the 20 most recent deals of a customer and the latest reward redemption. Do a short press on the loyalty card ID to show the history.
* Card addition - Long press on loyalty card ID shows card QR code. A customer scans it to install the MoMoAL customer app, and add the card. Not needed for Android Beam.
* Usage in restaurant - The loyalty card can be presented during food ordering for reward redemption. It can be linked to a proxy tag placed on the table. The proxy tag is used for reward point recording during payment.
* Amount tags - Allow amounts to be entered by tapping NFC tags. Simply create an amount tag for each price. When a payment is made, tap the loyalty card, followed by an amount tag. Tap amount tags one by one to add the amounts together.

USB reader :

Optional. ACR122T ( ) recommended. Compatible readers may also work.

Cards :

- Singapore. All CEPAS cards, eg EZ-Link, NETS FlashPay.
- Malaysia. MyKad, MyPR, MyKAS, MyRapid, Touch n Go, ManjaLink.
- Thailand. Bangkok Metro fare card.
- Hong Kong. Octopus.
- China. 一卡通.
- United Kingdom. Oyster.
- USA. Clipper, ORCA.
- Australia. ACTION MyWay, metroCard.
- (and many others)

Proxy, friend and amount tags :

NTAG203 recommended. You can buy from Amazon or any preferred retailer -

Friend creation :

Friend Maker app for creating friend tags for customers' friends -

Note :

- The app icon is derived from a drawing by Francesco 'Architetto' Rollandin, from OCAL 0.18 release.
- The app uses the MPAndroidChart library, under Apache License 2.0.
- Some icons are used under the creative commons license.

Recently changed in this version

* Advertise directly from Google Drive or Dropbox

Choose a picture in Google Drive or Dropbox, and share the link with MoMoAL.

* Voice recognition for amount input

From tapping of loyalty card/phone to entering amount, there is no need to press any button on the screen.

* Support for host-card-emulation (HCE)

During a sale, tap a customer's HCE phone with MoMoAL installed, on the merchant's phone. No loyalty card is needed. HCE phones are NFC phones running Android 4.4 or above.

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