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    My Sales Opps Test Drive

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    This is the Test Drive edition of My Sales Opportunities TE (Tablet Edition). Test Drive edition is based on the older version of My Sales Opportunities and is suited for devices with lower DPI. It is not fully optimized for newer devices with higher DPI like Nexus 7 or Nexus 10.

    My Sales Opportunities application was developed for you, sales person who wants to over achieve sales goals and close as many as possible of new sales opportunities.

    Key benefits of the My Sales Opportunities application:

    * Drive Your Sales Results
    Dashboard presents key information about your sales: size of your sales funnel, current closed sales, list of your open opportunities and tasks.

    * Never Miss Single Sales Opportunity
    Centrally record and manage all of your sales opportunities. Never forget or miss single sales opportunity.

    * Win More of Your Sales Opportunities
    Track progress of each sales opportunity. Qualify customers, their needs, pains, budgets and purchasing criteria. Follow the process to exceed your sales goals.

    * Win Your Most Lucrative Sales Opportunities
    Stay focused on winning your most lucrative sales opportunities. Uncover what it will take to close them. Be proactive, plan your key sales activities. Execute follow ups in a timely manner.

    * Maximize Profits From Your Best Customers
    Review sales and profits from each customer. Focus your sales efforts on those 20% customers who give you 80% of profits.

    * Plan and Drive Sales From Your Key Customers
    Capture all possible sales opportunities for your key customers and develop them into full sales opportunities. Close more business from existing customers.

    * Eliminate Time Wasters
    Review opportunities and closed sales from each customer. Eliminate customers and prospects who are time wasters.

    * Stay on Top of Your Follow Ups
    Record and stay on top of your key follow ups. Organize your day by scheduling phone calls, email follow ups, meetings, presentation and other activities.

    * Manage Your Key Sales Contacts
    Record contact information for your key customers. Capture important information that related to these people.

    * Manage Corporate Customers
    For sales people who sell business-to-business, capture key information about your corporate customers.

    Key features:

    - At the glance view of your sales results, size of your sales funnel and closed sales
    - Create and track individual sales opportunities
    - Assign opportunity revenue, profit, closing date and detailed description
    - Track opportunity development through key sales steps
    - Create follow up tasks for each sales opportunity
    - Capture all important notes for each sales opportunity
    - View total sales potential for each of your customers
    - View closed opportunities and sales totals for each of your customers
    - Plan new sales from each of your customers by recording new potential opportunities
    - Track individual customer contacts
    - Track corporate customers
    - Easy sorting and filtering of your data
    - Includes extensive user guide


    Test Drive edition is intended to help you evaluate My Sales Opportunities application and is subject to following limitations:

    * Maximum of 8 opportunities, 8 contacts and 4 companies
    * Not able to change task priority or enter comment
    * Note text limited to 200 characters in length
    * Dates are limited to 80 days in the future
    * Data export not available
    * Fiscal year start is set to January and not customizable
    * Some setting changes will not take effect until application restart


    This application required Adobe AIR, it will be installed during app installation process.

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