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n-Mobility is a lightweight Lotus Notes (© by IBM) client. It is designed to enable any existing Notes database for mobile devices; initially in view mode only. The "n-Mobility Client - Smartphone" version is optimised for devices with a screen size of 800x480 pixels. The "n-Mobility Client - Tablet" version is optimised for devices with a screen resolution of 1024x600 pixels.

The n-Mobility client requires the installation of SoapgateQ! 2.6.2+ on the public Domino server through which the configurable Notes databases are accessed trough. SoapgateQ! is a free and open source web service based data access API for Lotus Notes Domino. You can download SoapgateQ! from soapgateq.openntf.org. The project is sponsored by Fledomino.net and Qkom.de.

The demo version provides access to any of the example databases located on the Flexdomino.net Domino server; which gives you an immediate feeling for what n-Mobility can do for you. Alternatively it allows you to configure access to a single Notes database of a server of your choice.

The n-Mobility client requires no design changes to your existing Lotus Notes databases. Once SoapgateQ! is installed on the Domino server a simple process of creating Database Access Profiles will provide all the information the n-Mobility Client requires to talk to your Domino server and receive the data from the configured databases. SoapgateQ can be configured like a proxy, sitting on your public Domino server accessing databases on your private servers over the secure Domino port 1352. It provides an additional layer of API security down to field level. This security layer is on top of the Notes security controls and effects the API only.

Through SoapgateQ! the n-Mobility client can be configured for every user individually, with respect to the databases, views, forms and fields available through the API.

It is recommended to install or move this app to an SD card.

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