Non-smoking, smoking history



* Non-smoking, smoking history

* Non-smoking , smoking, smoking history, non-smoking time , smoking can

* This program is to minimize the stress of quitting and always try to quit smoking is a program that provides an opportunity .

* Fails every time jaksim samilro smoking , quit smoking , you can try again .

* I just pick up a cigarette photo? No smoking will start again .

* Cigarette smoking is the standard of the recording date and time are stored in the program , rather than the date shown , based on the date of the phone system .

* Today's date is set when the program is executed , and the last two days , including the day of the date set of data shows .

* Main screen, set the date on the program yesterday and today, the number of smoking shows the number of smoking .

* Yesterday Smoking: Smoking can last , based on the current time yesterday Smoking number / total number of tobacco displays yesterday .
  - Click on the figures yesterday, smoking , smoking can refresh the yesterday .

* Delete records
  - At the bottom of the list, delete it by clicking the appropriate data to long .
  - Deleted data can not be recovered.

* Date Set
  - If you change the date , including the last two days of the day show material .
  - If you change the date , smoking history is recorded as current date and time of the phone .

* Smoking List button at the bottom

  - At the click of a button on the left of the smoking time smoking date.
  - The right time for a smoke-free tobacco smoking at the click of a button just before the time of that time minus the time .

* View : View the registered data does not exist, you can not .

  - Yearly : When you select a year from the yearly statistics Monthly statistics will be shown.
  - Monthly: Select the month from the monthly statistics will be shown daily statistics .
  - Daily : Daily statistics.

* Info: Press the Menu button to show off.

  - Click on the Info button, the phone's menu items , you can check the expiration date .
  - Info at the bottom of the menu item , check the settings of the wireless network connection , depending on the state
    Internet connection at the start of the program will determine whether the use of the screen .

* Anyone else? : If you press the menu button shown.

  - Full user can provide a list of today's smoking .
  - 5 days including today shows with the number of smoking .
  - Your rank today , you can see a certain background color .

* When using the first 7 days at + enabled , and
  Once the purchase is confirmed , will be enabled to 2030-12-31 .

* Data is stored on a server , the Internet connection is a must.