- OfficeTrack for Management and Tracking of Mobile Employees
- OfficeTrack incorporates multiple cellular business solutions into a single platform, making it the ultimate tool for operating your organization.
- OfficeTrack is geared at optimizing the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your business.
- OfficeTrack incorporates services for management of mobile employees: tracking location and receiving related real-time notifications, assigning tasks and receiving task status updates, setting up tailor made report forms, collecting orders, monitoring attendance, receiving employee emergency alerts, generating reports for analysis and many more.
- The OfficeTrack web-based management platform displays the information obtained from the OfficeTrack application installed on the field employee's mobile device: continuously updated cellular and GPS based location, reports, orders, alerts and so on.
- The OfficeTrack platform can also display the location of the organization's vehicles on the same map.
- The manager in the organization can also view the OfficeTrack information directly from the OfficeTrack application on his or her mobile device.
- OfficeTrack users can set the application to refrain from transmitting location information to the OfficeTrack web based platform.

Please note: OfficeTrack application operates for registered subscribers of the OfficeTrack service and system. To subscribe, contact us at

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