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order management pub bar pizza

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    New version 1.0 with the management of price simplified
    New version with all the customizable menu (SEE THE BOTTOM OF THE DESCRIPTION)
    and now with the ability to recall the commands of a table and to insert or remove an item added to the list with its relative price, with the ability to see the individual products and their prices in dollars and the total printing of the order, ability to add your own header.
    If you own a restaurant or a pizzeria, with this software through any terminal Android compatible and therefore also with Android phones that cost less than 100 euro and a simple bluetooth printer, or just a PC, you can fulfill the orders and send them via bluetooth to printers, PCs etc. you can send your orders via e-mail, the software contains empty menu where you can add or remove customizing their products in this way the program
    The current version allows you to send the orders to any device bluetooth, wifi, pc, compatible printers or via email,
    The software will install on the external storage device to a file named: (gest_risto_pizzeria.db), this file is used to customize the menus of the software and should not be removed for proper functionality of the software.
    For those who already have the software, before updating we recommend you save the file: (gest_risto_pizzeria.db) on a memory card and then upgrade once upgraded to reinstall the file: (gest_risto_pizzeria.db) on path previously localized in this way will keep all the menus loaded by you.
    IMPORTANT! Once an order is sent, and making the assumption that the table will be released, if you perform a new command and then sends the commands above at the same table will be overwritten by the current one.
    For any information, please send an email to the programmer.

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