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OrderCounter Point Of Sale

    DOWNLOAD  $29.99



    OrderCounter’s tablet ordering application can provide a fully functional point-of-sale on any android device. The combination of durable and affordable Android devices with a full-functioning point-of-sale application will allow for increased productivity within your business and allow for faster service for the customer.

    One central OrderCounter point-of-sale system is required per location. Please contact us regarding the main unit prior to getting this app. The android devices will connect to the main unit via wifi. Serial numbers will be logged allowing users to be aware of how many devices are currently online, and see which are being used. The application can be maneuvered by either touch screen or cursor depending on what the Android device is equipped with.

    With this application, which has a very user-friendly interface, servers will be able to take, place, and manage “To Go”, “Dine-in”, “Delivery”, “Table” and “Bar” orders, as well as manage orders that are placed online. The application comes with a diagram of the tables and seating, just like on a full blown point-of-sale system. Pending orders will be viewable, and through integration with the printers, servers will be able to print items such as tickets and receipts.

    Through OrderCounter’s Back Office Suite, owners and managers will be able to view all sales, employee activity, and inventory data collected from the point-of-sale, no matter where they are in the world. Any changes that need to be made within the point-of-sale, such as menu pricing and modifications, can be made with these valuable tools. Using the back office suite alongside the tablet ordering will allow restaurant owners and managers to spend less time in their office, and more time in the front-of-house, with their customers.