PayHub Mobile Hub



Credit Card Processing on Your Android Device. Fully Featured. Easy to Use.

**Note: Mobile Hub requires an active, paid PayHub account.**

* Use your Android device to accept credit card sales.
* Swipe cards using a UniMag II mag stripe reader or manually enter credit cards with full AVS and CVV support.
* Use a Bluetooth printer to print customizable receipts branded with your company info.
* Support for "authorization only" transactions and delayed captures.
* Enter "offline" transactions with voice-authorization codes.
* Record cash transactions.
* Full integration with PayHub's Virtual Hub website for powerful transaction and customer reports.
* Assign sub-accounts to your employees with granular permission sets.
* Flexible tip entries, allowing your customers to enter the tip amount they choose.
* Enter notes with any transaction.
* Flexible tax entry.
* Customize your transaction flow with invoice, tip, and customer info options.
* End-to-end encryption ensures a safe environment to do business.
* Search through your 90-day transaction history easily.
* Refund or void a transaction an existing transaction.
* Run "straight refunds" requiring no existing transaction.

Compatible peripherals:
* IDTech UniMag II Card Swiper
* Blue Bamboo P25i Receipt Printer

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