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    Picture Attendance by SoftPoint is a new and exciting way for managers and owners to supervise Time and Attendance at their location. With this unique Time & Attendance application, users will be prompted upon clocking in and clocking out to take a picture of themselves. This image will give the managers or owners the ability to view their workers and their presentation when arriving or leaving work.

    With this new feature for your business, keeping an eye on employees’ work presentation will be easier than ever. Picture Attendance helps assure you that your employees are ready to work and are presenting themselves appropriately. First impressions are important and with Picture Attendance from SoftPoint you can make sure your employee’s first impressions to the clients are satisfactory!

    Key Features:
    • Real time access to your data, anytime, from anywhere.
    • Integrated into multiple payroll solution providers.
    • Avoid the possibility of buddy punches.
    • Freedom to spend less time on technology and more time getting the job done.
    • Integrated platform allows you to use your information in all of our products.
    • Ensure preparedness for work

    Upon downloading the app, please press the Sign Up button to complete the registration process.

    *Best used on a 7in Tablet*

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