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This app takes you, the Premier Designs Jeweler, by the hand and guides you each step of the way through presenting the Opportunity Plan for Premier Designs to a brand new prospect. You will have all the information you need right on your mobile device at the tip of your fingers. You don’t have to ask for a mailing address or a phone number so you can reconnect with the prospect. You will always be ready when the opportunity makes itself available.

We know that opportunities for sponsoring new jewelers can open up at any time and you will always be ready with your Premier Designs Jeweler Opportunity app to answer the questions someone wants to know about being a part of the family of Premier Designs.

This app is a step-by-step informational guide through the Opportunity Plan for a new Premier Designs prospect. This app will make it easy for you to communicate the plan in an easy-to-follow preset presentation flow order. It provides answers to the questions a prospect might have and presents the business plan for the company in a simple and efficient way.

By the time you’ve covered all of the material in this app, you will have thoroughly shared the Premier Designs opportunity with a brand new prospect. Remember, the only way someone can join Premier Designs is by having a registered jeweler sponsor them. They just can’t sign up on their own. So you will need you to connect them to this great opportunity. And this presentation is the key in answering the questions that they might have as they consider joining the team of Premier Designs.

These are some of the features you will get when you download this app:

* Really easy to use and follow
* Written in simple language
* Covers all the business information you need to present Premier Designs.
* Takes the fear out of sharing the opportunity plan and sponsoring new jewelers.
* Material is organized in a presentation flow order that will assist you in guiding the prospect through the opportunity
* Not only explains the opportunity with Premier Designs but answers the basic questions needed to get started as a new jeweler.
* Comes with diagrams and product examples
* Access any step in the plan quickly by selecting the appropriate page requested
* Always have the latest material available in our automated check and download
* The app works off-line as well as connected on-line

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