Presentation Skills



SENSATIONAL PRESENTATIONS - how to give them. For any presentation there is one overall goal: to sell! Presentations sell products, services, you, information, ideas, concepts … And for you the most important thing is to appear competent, trustworthy and authentic. It is your appearance, your impact and your personality which define the success of your presentation.

Michael Moesslang, 5 Star Speaker, Top 100 Excellence Trainer, Dipl. Master European Business Trainer, Coach and Author for Personal Impact and Rhetoric, is an expert in presentation technique and personal impact. He is the owner and founder of the “PreSensation®” Institute. His motto is “Make both yourself and your presentation a true sensation”. He captivates his audiences with keynote speeches and seminars on the subjects of presentation, rhetoric, personal impact and body language. With integrity and professional authenticity he convinces his international public. He engages his participants and coaches them to be brand ambassadors not only for themselves, but also for their companies. As an expert in his field he draws upon insights from psychology and behavioral science. Michael Moesslang has gained his experience as keynote speaker and lecturer at many institutions including St. Galler Business School. He has given more than 1000 speeches and presentations.

This Appinar “Customer Presentation” will give you insights into how to win over customers and increase your personal success through presentations. Presentations are far too important and preparation needs to be taken seriously.

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