Still doing your presentations the way they were done 10 years ago with a laptop, PowerPoint and a projector? What if you could do it easily, directly from your phone or tablet. Simply swipe the screen to move to your next “slide” as you are on stage or walking in the audience.

Presentz was created to be used on a Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet with AllShare Cast. The AllShare Cast feature wirelessly sends your screen to an AllShare Cast hub connected to the HDMI port of a projector or TV.

Simply use Paint (free and easy to use) or other graphics program to create png or jpg “slides”. Save these files in a folder on your device (SD card). When you start Presentz select the folder that contains your “slides” and other presentation settings such as transition, etc and then start your presentation. You can have multiple presentations, each in their own folder and select the appropriate one in Presentz when needed.

Presentz displays each image (displayed in the order they are named in the folder). If set to manual mode you simple swipe the screen to move to the next “slide”. The entire screen is used for your slide. No notifications bar or controls to obstruct your image.

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