Project Manager by Prosodic



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Prosodic Project Manager is a lightweight tool for managing basic project management needs, allowing for tracking of project phases, activities and tasks, generation of Gantt charts and sharing project details with other users of PPM.

Track project, phase, activity and task start and end dates, completion percentages and milestones. Assign resources such as human capital, material and equipment. Synchronize projects with other members of your project team, who also use PPM. Automatically alert team members via SMS to changes in projects.

Manage multiple phases per project
Manage multiple activities per phase
Manage multiple tasks per activity
(limited only by memory

Add material types and items to projects
Add equipment types and items to projects
Add human capital (from contacts) to projects
Assign material, equipment and human capital to tasks
(limited only by memory)

Assign/track completion percentages of projects, phases, activities and tasks
Designate any phase, activity or task as a milestone event
Assign weights to phases, activities and tasks
Produce project Gantt charts
Synchronize project data with key members of project team

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