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With this calculator you can work out the effective R-Value or U-Value for a set of materials (with their total width). This is used to work out the required amount of insulating material needed to meet energy efficiency regulations for a given wall, floor or ceiling. Handy for a builder, architect, designer or home owner looking to improve energy efficiency in their project and in dong so save money. Also useful for quickly comparing the energy efficiencies of different finishes (i.e. single glass pane compared to low E glass and curtains, etc; the results can be quite surprising and cost effective).

50 materials are already provided for you to use (i.e. bricks, windows, blinds, curtains, insulation batts, wall finishes, flooring, etc) although you can add your own if required. The finished set of materials you can also save to reuse later.

Also provided is a calculator for working out the energy transfer through a given area that has a certain R-Value or U-Value with inside and outside temperatures. Useful for seeing how much heat you loose or gain in different conditions; i.e. how much heating or cooling you will need to maintain the temperature difference and therefore the cost advantage of improving the level of insulation.

The calculator will work either in R-Value's or U-Value's either in metric or imperial. You can actually change these on the fly and the calculator will make the required conversions for you in context; i.e. also acts like a R to U Value converter and metric to imperial converter at the same time.

Also the results of both calculators can either be shared by email or copied to the clipboard for use in other apps.

Included in the app are full instructions and helpful advice on how to get the best from the calculator and its results.

If you have any suggestions for new features or improvements, please do let us know, thank you.

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