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ATTENTION NEW BILL OF REGISTRATION IN - You should put the spreadsheet in a folder called CONVEX at the root of the memory card.

You can enter your products, customers, categories in this spreadsheet, then copy to a folder (convex) on the memory card and import information, avoiding typing record by record.

The software HELPVALE sales force (sales order, take budget out of stock, foreign sales), was developed to meet the needs of issuing external requests.

You realize the mobile application, and sends it to your e-mail in PDF format.

Below lists some system functions:

- Prices and payment by customer
- List of products with photo
- Report of products (prices) and can send to clients this table
- Route Sales with the option to show on a map the location of the customers, know if you are away from the customer
- Issuance of order with the option to locate the customer, by name, neighborhood, city and state
- Show the customer data before starting the new application, thus allowing to verify the information
- In option details, you can refer to the last client requests
- No limit on products at the time of sale
- Filter by product category
- Know the total cost of the product at the time of sale
- Select the form of payment available to the customer (the view, 14 days billet, billet 21 days, according to your registration)
- Select the delivery method (carrier)
- Provide discounted at sale
- Consultation of customers and products
- View order history (by customer)
- Create target per day, week and month and be able to monitor their sales performance by the main screen
- Low inventory of the product, avoiding conduct sales without stock
- Create grid-products, for example, you sell shoes, you can select the model numbering sold, or you sell clothes, you can set the amount of colors or sizes (EXCLUSIVE)
- Map of locations served and monitoring staff
- Allows you to register by phone or directly import from excell
- Sending request by e-mail a PDF, and CSV for import
- Works entirely without internet during the request (only need to send the e-mail)
- Note item to item and note at the end of the request
- Discount on request
- View the PDF application on the device itself
- Working with 5 different price lists by product
Can I use photos on the products?
Yes, just put the photo in the folder CONVEX (on the same worksheet) the photo has to have the name of the product code. For example if the product code is 255 - which has a photo 255.jpg call
What format excel file to import?
You can download the file to and then put in a folder with the CONVEX memory card.
After downloading the file, you can insert your products, customers, categories, etc., in this file and it should be copied into the root of your memory card.
Very simple and quick procedure.
Need a computer to use the ERP?
No need, because the system is all managed by the phone.
Take the test and see how simple it is to use.
In case of doubt, please contact technical support on site

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