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    Shift workers can now check their employee schedule (rota/roster) and confirm their availability for shifts using the Rotaville App.

    Shift Managers can now make changes to the rotas/rosters/employe-schedules and employee records.

    Rotaville Employee Scheduling Software is a new online web app for managing work rotas/rosters/staff-schedules. Staff and shifts can be easily scheduled by managers with an intuitive drag 'n' drop real-time web user interface.

    Many businesses still rely on pen and paper, or they are using an excel spreadsheet that is typically only available on the managers PC. Rotaville puts the schedule online so that it's available for all staff members to access from any computer.

    This App allows staff with Rotaville accounts to check their shift times at anytime from anywhere.

    Shift Management Features:
    * Managers can schedule new shifts.
    * Shifts can be edited, confirmed and deleted.
    * Managers can assign staff to shifts

    Employee Management Features:
    * Managers can add, edit, and delete employees.
    * Managers can update employee avatars (profile pictures)
    * Managers can invite (or disconnect) employees to connect to their workplace and rota from their own Rotaville user account.

    More functions will be added to the App in future releases.

    Rotaville App is free as a part of your upgrade or trial subscription.

    Please see our web app and website at

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