Sales Administration Board



“Selling is an art, but Sales is a Science”.
Welcome to the future of professional selling.
The Sales Forecasting Board was designed for the sales professional, who sells to companies, where the decision-making process usually requires more than one meeting with the client. If you’re involved in these types of sales, this app is for you.

What does it do?

- Gives you your exact sales cycle
- Makes accurate sales projections
- Tells you which sales opportunities you should be paying attention to
- When you will have a sales streak or slump
- If you’ll reach your monthly sales goal
- Track your sales opportunities
- Provides you with a precise closing percentage for every step of the sales process
- Lets you know if you are just taking orders or selling professionally
- Points out your strong points in selling as well as your weak points so you can work on them

You will receive a tutorial, but to optimize the full potential of this app, we recommend that you take the “Sales Administration Board” course at:

If $5 can improve your sales 5%, is it worth it? If you could take the on-line course and invest $45 to grow your sales 40%, is it a good buy? Participants who have taken our Live seminars have seen their sales grow 48% on average.

Take the first step to successful sales management and download this application.