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Sales Seasonality by Month

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Closely following your monthly product sales is as important as prior budgeting to make sure you take intelligent decisions to enhance profitability. Sales seasonality by month helps you create a budget, forecast monthly sales, compare new product goals with previous ones, analyze sales revenue and study the ongoing monthly sales trend on an intuitive and easy to use interface. A faster and less cumbersome way of handling your sales budgets and accounts. Features
Sales forecast
Generate product specific monthly sales forecast.
Enter the month wise planned value of number of goods to be sold and price per unit for the same.
Budgeted sales and its percent share in the total sales gets automatically calculated. Get dashboards for annual, bi annual and monthly forecasts and compare the values easily.
Sales Budget
Enter basic product details like item number or SKU.
Enter the planned value of number of goods to be sold and price per unit for the same. Budgeted sales and its per cent share in the total sales gets automatically calculated. Product sales goals
Compare the product specific previous year’s monthly sales with the corresponding monthly budgeted values for this year.
Sales Revenue
Enter your product wise sales through various channels viz retail, wholesale and mail order.
Get the value of aggregate sales for each product.
Compare the total sales in various channels and adjust your budget accordingly.
Sales Seasonality by month Enter month wise actual sales value and industry percentage of sales.
Percent of total sales value, company index to average and industry index to average gets calculated automatically for the corresponding month. Thus, the app lets you study the monthly sales trend for the ongoing year.
Save and share Locally save your work as a file, and re-use it with minimal changes.

Simply tap e-mail to send the sales study to your colleagues and team members instantly and get feedback from them. Alternatively, you can email them to yourself. Get a complete sales performance analysis backed by numbers with sales seasonality by month. Looking forward to hear from you at

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