SelecTrucks of Tampa



Over 250 trucks to choose from. Multi like spec trucks available for fleets year around. Our trucks are heads above others. We have the best used trucks money can buy.

When shopping for your next used truck, there are so many reasons to look beyond what meets the eye. Consider the added peace of mind and value of purchasing a truck you can trust that is ready for the road and geared to go the distance.

We have a team of experienced and qualified business consultants to help you choose the best truck for you. Our professionals not only know about trucks, they know about the business of trucking. They understand your unique challenges and will work with you to determine your hauling needs, your operating budgets and help you obtain financing. Your success is important to us and we will stand behind you every step of the way with national warrantied trucks.

SelecTrucks financing programs are the most aggressive in the business and offer a variety of down-payment and interest-rates. At SelecTrucks we understand that to be successful in the trucking business require more than knowing how to drive. Your success and profitability depend on operating your truck like a business.

We will keep our wheels turning to find new and better ways of bringing you the highest standard of premium used trucks and a network of professionals who stand behind you every mile, everyday.

Day Cab work trucks always available.