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The need of the hour for Logistics companies is to provide customer with real-time proof-of-delivery information. In fact, this information has become as important as the delivery of the package itself.

Now, with the proof-of-delivery (POD) solution developed by Avon,
Logistics companies of all sizes can offer this value added services to customers, depending on their business needs.

Solution Description

Delivery staff is provided with a Mobile phone loaded with Avon’s proprietary licensed software and connectivity that automates the entire delivery process. This Mobile application is integrated with your existing software making a seamless data flow.

While the packages/documents are delivered, POD information is captured including the Signature of the recipient. This POD data is instantly transferred to the Web server for Customers to view the POD details on the Internet. An Email is also triggered to the Consignor as a Value Add Service. An instant SMS can also be triggered at an additional cost.

Delivery process automation brings multiple benefits to Logistics operations including cost reduction, productivity improvement and most importantly additional customers by catering to their real-time POD requirement.


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