SmartCircle Remote DS (ver1)



SmartCircle Digital Signage is a component of the SmartCircle mobile device management. This software remotely manages digital media and marketing on display devices using a Peer2Peer network.

- Multiple screen options: TV monitor, Smartphone and Tablet
- Media can be web, video or photo format
- Media can be triggered in various device states such as idle, lift or touch

- Low cost
- System can operate on existing hardware (i.e. Smartphones, Tablets and monitors)
- Wireless with no need for centralized servers

- Must be downloaded and installed on Android 2.3 and up
- SmartCircle Manager
- Wi-Fi and Internet connection
- Android Mini PC

This app will only work with the SmartCircle Network. Devices running SmartCircle Display cannot be used to run SmartCircle Remote Digital Signage. SmartCircle requires extensive use of Wi-Fi running in the background, and therefore will dramatically decrease battery life. It is highly recommended that devices remain connected to power at all times. As this app is in the Beta stage, future enhancements will continue to enable new features.