"SmartMiles Product catalogue" is an application that serves as a product catalogue, detailing various aspects of the products to interested parties. The section in the application include an Introduction to the platform, its applicability to different Industries, commercial model, Technical Specs, FAQs and Sample Applications.

Smart Miles is a Mobile Enterprise Access Platform (MEAP) developed by L&T Infotech, this platform enables mobility for Enterprises. Smart Miles will allow Enterprises to

->Extend existing business processes to mobile device
->Access all forms of business critical data securely on mobiles or tablets
->Manages access to Enterprise systems
->Access data on multiple devices and tablets

Smart miles platform caters to the following areas enabling mobility

->Interactive content & Information
->Business Information
->Collaborative Tools
->Self-service Enablers
->Equipment Control

Salient features of the platform
->Integration with any Enterprise Backend
->Device agnostic layout engine
->Device Management capabilities
->Operation and Management Console
->Logging and reporting

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