SSql Database Admin



SSqlDbAdmin is a database manager for android.
With your android tablet or phone, you can:

-Build/drop database on your SD card.
-Build/drop table with 10 types of column.
-Build/drop index of tables.
-Supported column types are:
Text, Integer, Decimal, Date, TimeStamp, SmallInt, BigInt, BigDecimal, LongText, Blob
-Text column UTF-8 encoding supported.
-Blob field may contain any file data like picture, sound, document..
-Connect to SelimSql database,
-Admin databases, tables, columns and indexes.
-Insert, update, delete, show records.
-Select sql helper for query tables.
-Save and load sql statements for reuse.
-Data table, query results are displayed in a scrollable grid.
-Export datas to HTML, Excel CSV or Text Tabbed formats.
-Import table records from CSV/TABBED TEXT formats.

-Alter database user password.
-Sale, Agenda named sample databases can be downloaded.

-Sale database consist of this tables:
Customer, Product, Order

-Agenda database consist of this tables:
Diary: Diary datas.
Password: Password datas stored.
Person: Person's address datas.
ToDo: ToDo datas. Monthly, weekly, daily duties can be listed by prepared queries.
IncomeExpense: IncomeExpense datas. Income, expense, credit, debt datas can be listed by prepared queries.

The basic features of SelimSql database:
-Database commands, like create, update, insert, delete, select are implemented by standard SQL.
-Updatable, insertable resultset functionality,
-Supports most data types of the SQL standard, including datetime,
-Supports arithmetic operations with datetime,
-Selection of group and summary fields on sql columns,
-JDBC DatabaseMetaData and ResultSetMetaData support,
-Fast select, insert, update, delete operations,
-Columns calculated using other columns and function calls,
-Allows single or multiple insert depending on existing data,
-Order by, group by, count, sum, min, max statistical aggregate functions,
-Disk based tables for large data sets.

-Introduction of SSqlAndroidDbDriver for developers.
Android developers can use this library by including "libs" directory of their applications.
Look at for detail:

-You can collect databases to jointly access on your home or business computer.
You can access this server from android mobile phone or tablet as client.
In order to connect the database server, you must install "SSql Database Server" named application to your other computer.

-You can synchronize the database between the local and server environments.


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