Stock Droid



Stock Droid is the solution for inventory management, orders, customers, suppliers and products. This application offering a variety of management, monitoring, and export statistics in CVS format.
Stock Droid allows you to easily manage your inventory by adding movements as inputs / outputs and transfer if you have more than one stores . You can easily take control of your customer or your supplier.
Stock Droid allow you export your alerts of stock and situations customers to an Excel file.
Stock Droid is a complete tool which is going to simplify your inventory management of your business.
- Customers management
- Suppliers management
- Products management
- Management category of products
- Stock management
- Movements management (inputs/outputs and transfer)
- Orders suppliers management
- Orders customers management
- Sending orders by email
- Exports alerts and situation customers to an Excel/CSV file
- Scan the barcode of a product
- Search product by barcode

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Tags: gestion de stock