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SureLock locks down Android based tablets and smartphones to prevent unwanted device misuse. You can control which applications and device features can be used by the end-user. For e.g. you can block access to games such as Angry Bird, social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter or browsers etc. In most cases you may allow access to just one or two apps and SureLock will ensure that the user cannot access anything other than those allowed applications. Virtually any organization can use SureLock and achieve better user productivity.

Note 1: For enterprise use only
Note 2: Free version has some limitations. Purchase a license to activate it to full version. In case of any problems please contact

Now remotely manage SureLock configuration on large number of devices with SureMDM

Key Features
* Lock down Android smartphones and tablets into kiosk mode
* Restrict users to allowed applications only
* Completely Hide HOME button and Disable bottom bar (Might require some changes in your application)
* Show only selected Widgets (e.g. battery, wifi, weather etc) on SureLock Home screen and change their layout as you want
* Arrange allowed applications in Categories on Home screen
* Block user from playing games, browsing or installing unapproved applications, Complete Device Lock
* Block user from changing System Settings
* Admin can securely unlock the device with a password
* Selectively allow or block individual child windows of any application
* Per application password control
* Brand SureLock with your own corporate logo
* Auto launch application(s) at startup
* Custom title for allowed applications on home screen
* Hide icon : Allow an application without showing it on home screen
* Peripheral lockdown (wifi, bluetooth, auto-orientation, flight-mode, audio)
* Modify SureLock Settings right from SureMDM Web console
* Phone Locking feature: Whitelist/Blacklist phone numbers
* Set custom wallpaper on SureLock Home screen
* Relocate icons anywhere on the screen by using drag and drop
* Import/Export settings to xml
* Remotely deploy SureLock configuration (http or file transfer)
* Easily integrates SureFox (Special lockdown browser to restrict browsing to certain websites only)

Who can use SureLock?
SureLock can be useful for many purposes. Some of the common use cases are :

- Tablet and Smartphones for field force requirements
- Libraries and Schools
- Taxi Dispatch Systems
- Customer engagement at Retail store locations
- Asset Tracking using mobile devices
- Passenger Infotainment at Airports
- Parental Control
- Restaurants using mobile devices for customer feedback and engagement
- Patient Survey using mobile devices at Hospitals

What device models are supported by SureLock?
SureLock runs on almost all Android devices. Following are some of devices validated by us and our customers.

* Samsung Galaxy Tab
* Asus
* LG
* Nexus 7
* Kindle Fire (1st generation)
* Samsung Galaxy Note 1 and S3
* Motorola Xoom
* Motorola ET1 (Awarded Motorola Solutions Validated)
* HTC Wildfire
* Viewsonic
* Goclever
* Zenithink C91
* Dell Streak 7
* Alcatel
* Huawei
and more...

How can Administrator exit SureLock?
Tap in the empty area on SureLock home screen 5 times within 3 seconds. Password prompt will be presented. Enter the passcode to unlock.

How can Administrator exit Single Application Mode?

Check out online documentation at

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