Swift MEAP for MS Dynamics CRM



Swift MEAP for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, is a fully functional and highly configurable CRM app that runs on your Android phone and/or tablet allowing you to manage every aspect of your customer relationships including accounts, contacts, opportunities, tickets, and more.

Data is downloaded to your Android device, allowing offline access, so that records can be accessed even when you are outside of cellular/Wifi network coverage.

Swift MEAP for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an ideal tool to make your sales force, customer service technicians and professional services personnel more productive. It is a multi-user, server based solution, that can be used by your entire company. It can be hosted by iEnterprises or deployed behind your firewall.

The Swift MEAP server supports Microsoft Dynamics version 4 as well as 2011.

The client application is free to use, however to access your corporate CRM you will need a Swift MEAP server, please contact iEnterprises at sales@ienterprises.com for details.

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