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Kiwi is a software order entry on smartphones in 4 inches.
It is designed for Multi VRP, auto contractors, vendors, shops selling products and to all persons in need of a solution to present the catalog of its products, enter sales, cash the settlement with the output of a receipt (electronic edition), out of bills or send orders by email ... It is totally made for smartphones 480x800 resolution 4-inch, Samsung S2 Galaxy, HTC Desire HD. .. is really ideal format to help you in your bill of sale: it is held in one hand and allows you to have your other hand free to manipulate and present your products to your customers.
At any time you can present the catalog, to selected products in the basket, display and zoom into the image of the product, show the data sheet items, cash settlement, get a receipt mail, send a purchase order email to your company, charge, create new customers in the portfolio of clients and Save e-mails to each customer bill of sale (and you build a customer list for the mailing. STILL A GOOD IDEA!).

Features list:
Entry-sales (basket)
-Order entry or record orders
-Edition of receipts *
* Edit-bills
-Sending mail receipts
-Send mail orders
-Total cash end of the day
CA-day per month
-Product catalog (photo, tehnique sheet in pdf)
-Portfolio of clients
The interface is extremely clean, simple, fast and effective for everyday use without wasting time.
We developed this software with the help of a multi vrp card and a vendor specializing in fair exhibitions.

The software operates in connected or disconnected and all your data is stored on the SD card on your shelf. You can be in open country with no network, the software will run KiWi and accompany you in your bill of sale (still a very good idea).
This software is the result of 20 years experience in software development for business, it comes from HUGO our software for large enterprise, which is a lighter version that you will have the hands, it presents our knowledge of the mobility solution.

Download now our software and enjoy a new experience.

Price of the license:
9.90 euros until 04.30.2012
69 euros after 30/04/2012

Option Price Edition:
19.90 euros ttc issue paper tickets and paper bills.
You can download from our website: www.ngplus.fr (services tab, button KIWI) connection is required to use this kit

KIWI also exists for the shelves 7, 9 and 10 inches

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