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    *About Tandoor

    Presently, we have four restaurants in China – one each in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Guangzhou catering Indian cuisine in the name of The Tandoor.

    Tandoor Shanghai

    Shanghai Tandoor was opened in 1992. The intimate design of the restaurant, the authentic food, the excellent service, as well as the mysteriously romantic atmosphere make it one of the best exotic theme restaurants in Southeast Asia and a favorite dining destination for gourmets from all over the world.

    Tandoor Beijing

    The Tandoor Beijing one the most celebrated restaurants serving Indian cuisine in Beijing, is located at the lobby level of Zhao Long Hotel.

    Tandoor Guangzhou

    The Tandoor Guangzhou, the fourth unit of the chain opened in July 2008 with an aim to cater for the Indian food lovers and the large population of foreigners and Indians in the Pearl River Delta.

    Tandoor Chengdu

    Conceived to offer healthy competition to the world famous Sichuan Cuisine by offering a new culinary experience, The Tandoor – Chengdu opened in December 1999 at Sunjoy Inn, Ren Min Nan Lu.

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