TextMyCard enables you to text 4 lines of info - a business card, if you will - w a single tap. If you meet someone that you want to stay in touch with, you go, "Hey, I'd like to stay in touch. Can I text you my card?" Then you 1.) open the app 2.) enter their mobile number 3.) tap the TextMyCard button. 4.) their phone lights up.

You enter the stuff you want the app to send in the Set Up screen in the app. Typically you put in stuff like, name, title, phone #, email address. The info is stored on the phone and you can edit it anytime. NOTE: when the person gets your info it is from your phone number.

The app saves each number that you text to in its History tab, along with the time at which you texted the person your card. That way you can easily enter the person and their number in your contacts later. The app saves the most recent 100 numbers that you text to.

In no way do we track the numbers you send to nor your number.

The app has a Send Info About This App button, that is handy if the person goes, "Wow, that's cool." n you can go, "Here I'll text ya info on it."

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