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The Service Program is the leading QuickBooks add-on for today’s service businesses. If your company uses QuickBooks then you need this app! The Service Program app gives your company the capability to manage task/work orders, run routes, create route tickets for industries such as pool / spa service, lawn service, pest control, and more, map to the next route stop or work order, create invoices, lookup customer information and more!

Tasks and Work Orders:
• The office can create a work order, service tech syncs and completes it on his/her device
• Work Orders are color coded to show past due, current and future work
• Service Tech can map from his/her current location to the next work order
• Service tech may also enter a new work order on his/her phone
• Once the service tech completes the order and synchronizes remotely then the office can review the work prior to posting it into QuickBooks!
• When the work order gets completed and synched with the office the office can email the job completion to the customer
• If you have administrator rights you can see all open work orders for the entire company

Route based businesses:
• Enter a route schedule for a route tech/crew on your PC and it will be displayed on the route person’s phone
• Route cannot change their route schedule on the device. It can only be
changed on the PC
• Routes can map from one stop to another
• When a route arrives at a location they can enter the arrival time, work performed and completion time. They can also bill items to the route stop as well.
Industry specific tickets are also available:
• Pool companies can record chemical readings and additions, brushed, vacuumed and more
• Sanitation companies can record gallons pumped, dump location, etc
• If a route arrives at a location and needs to ask the office to do something they can enter a task right from their device. That task will be displayed on the office PC as well as the persons phone the task was entered for
• Once the route tickets are synced with the office you have the ability to email the customers who were service that day.

Customer Information:
• Restrict what people can see on their device
• See customer information such as bill to/ship to, contact, phone, fax, email, etc.
• Map from where you are standing to that customer
• View Customer Equipment
• View Additional Contacts for the account
• View complete history of all work performed at the location

This app requires you to already have The Service Program desktop software ( installed on your computer.

The Service Program is the perfect solution to handle your mobile service needs. It eliminates double-entry and need to print out work orders and route sheets.

"The Service Program"

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