The Shirt Helps



About This Shirt Helps ™

We believe what matters most is what you do to help others.

You want to do something that matters? We made it easy to help.

One shirt = one month of education, one year of clean water, one animal saved or three trees planted.

And the shirt is pretty rad, too.

This Shirt Helps™. Buy a shirt. Your purchase matters.

In 2011 This Shirt Helps™ was created as a way to harness the power of consumer purchases to help fund worthy social causes. This Shirt Helps™ gives consumers the ability to support the causes that matter to them by purchasing an everyday item — quality shirts — at reasonable prices . A “one shirt equals” model is used to equate each sale with a specific, measurable amount of help given — a month of schooling for a child, or a year of clean water for one person, for example — making it easy for consumers to understand exactly how their purchases help.

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