Time Reporting Plus - Demo



Too many features make software complex and tedious to use.
That is why we believe in simple, well crafted solutions.

Traditional time reporting software is bothersome because there are so many
features you don't need getting in the way of what you need to do.

The Mobilize-IT Time Reporting Plus App is a mobile app that allows workers to
record labor entries with time and attendance tracking on low cost Android devices.

Workers follow simple prompts to report time that is used to create transactions,
which can be uploaded to your ERP sytem.
This greatly reduces the burden of data entry, provides more timely information for management, and enhances accuracy through Mobilize-IT's extensive verification

Mobilize-IT searches for the most current information and latest revisions eliminating
the need to update, print paper travelers and maintain order binders.

Drawings, quality info, set up instructions, video clips and pictures are listed by project
and available for immediate display.

By tapping on the screen you can display just about any type of file (e.g. Word, Excel, pdf, pictures, videos) on your device.

The screens are easy to use and fast to operate reducing training time to a minimum.

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