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Free Tip Calculator is the simplest TIP and Split Calculator you will find in the Market Place for calculating the Tips.
This Tips and Split Calculator calculates Tips as you enter Values.
TIP Calculator not only calculates TIPS on real time basis but also Splits TIPS in multiple People.
This Tip Calculator lets you round the values for TIP or Total Bill.
This is a MUST HAVE tool for Frequent Diners.

It has been created using feedback and survey from frequent travelers, analyzing many tools, understanding
the requirement of FREQUENT TIPPERS.

The Default value of 10%, 15% and 20% lets you see the TIP value instantly without selecting TIP percentage.

The research shows that most of the people pay 10/15/20% TIP depending on the Quality of service.

The Most important feature has been "Round up TIP" that lets you round up the TIP amount to the nearest

whole number. Also, there is a feature of "Round up Total" which lets you round up the total amount. This

feature changes the value of the TIP. Also, if you changed your mind for rounding up TIP or Total, you can
reset to the original TIP value by clicking "RESET Tip and Total"

Some Salient Feature of thi Tip Calculator is
1) Let you calculate the TIP as you enter the Bill Amount
2) You can split the bills in multiple people by simple click on buttons
3) Shows the default TIP amount for 10%, 15% and 20%. You can modify the 20% to your desired Tip percentage
4) You can edit the percentage and enter decimal places also unlike other calculators who let you enter only whole numbers
5) The feature of Roundup TIP, Roundup TOTAL and Reset Tip and Total lets you modify Tip and Total
depending on how do you want to TIP.

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