TouchTableMenu Light



* Electronic menu for public institution: restaurant, coffee house, bowling, billiards...
* Designed for landscape screen orientation, mostly tablets: main screen is auto adjustable for any resolution
* Ordering system via WiFi-chat (a common WLAN with a DHCP-server): tablets can be at kitchen, music DJ, hall administrator..., on any table(now only common chat is ready, privates are planned). Network nickname is set by the admin, by default - IP-address.
* Settings - secured by admin's password (by default, password is "admin", lower case).
* Menu database: a set of .csv files with ";" as fields delimiter and the headings, files to be saved with UTF8 charset. Files are saved into the internal memry (import from a memory card and delete functions are available), so a flash memory card is not required, just for updating menu files. Two demo menu .csv files are built-in: restaurant menu and music playlist.
* Top-left corner: status for the end-user
* Kiosk-mode option: auto restart, if application closed by end-user
* Search within menu: scrolling the menu list up to the next found text being searched

Business owners are welcome to order custom version for the exact business

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