Unilog Content Solutions



Unilog is a leading global E-Commerce Data Services, Products and Consultancy Service Provider. We provide comprehensive e-commerce solutions including product suites for suppliers, buyers and e-market portals. Unilog has more than a decade of experience in data cleansing, classification and enrichment services for more than millions of items, processed annually. We deliver cost effective solutions through a combination of advanced technologies, proven processes and outstanding personnel. Unilog processes data from different sources and transforms it into rich, classified and transactable electronic content ready for e-commerce applications.

Unilog, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, offers its customers, an extremely strong commitment to quality with high accuracy on content created and customization of products to meet your e-commerce objectives. Unilog has business alliances and strategic partnerships worldwide. Our Facilities with over 10,100 Sq feet in Bangalore and Mysore, India, provide e-commerce offerings to various customers worldwide. We have successfully executed Projects for many fortune 500 clients in North and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Unilog has in-house Domain Expertise in the life Sciences, Oil And Gas, Automobile, Electrical and Electronics, Chemical, Mechanical, Information technology, Mining And Metallurgy, Telecom, Office products, Catering And Hospitality sectors.

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