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    ProBinder is an online platform that extends your familiar office environment. Shelves and Binders offer clear, well structured hierarchies and still give you the flexibility to meet your needs. ProBinder allows you to work together across companies in your new, extended office.

    Overview in real time
    ProBinder combines the familiar concept of real binders and tabs with ultra-modern features.

    Save time and effort.

    Stay on top: With ProBinder, you will find all your documents, presentations and
    comments clearly arranged in a single location.

    Security & Flexibility
    With ProBinder, access our highly secure, redundant data storage in Switzerland from anywhere in the world.

    The main functions
    • Encrypted, highly secure data storage.
    • Integrated communication tools.
    • Ongoing insight into all versions of data, thanks to the history function.
    • Automatic full-text search.
    • Customized access rights.

    Discover the benefits of ProBinder
    • Increase your productivity thanks to clearly arranged data storage, without e-mails traffic.
    • Keep track of the status and progress of your projects 24/7.
    • Access your information securely wherever you are.
    • Control access rights of project participants individually, and even embed remote workers
    securely into your work flow.

    The Application will give you the opportunity to interact with your ProBinder account, providing you the functionality that allows you to be in your full working environment of ProBinder.

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