Waiters With Tablets Chef/Bar



Let your Waiters take orders using a Tablet which are sent directly to the kitchen or bar area.
The system is split into two apps, one for the Waiters and the other for the Kitchen/Bar. Both these apps are available to download free. The Chef or bar can mark orders as ready to collect and the Waiter is notified. Orders can also be printed or displayed on a TV/Monitor. Try this on several tablets at once and watch updates automatically appear on all of them.
The database can be located on the internet as per this demo or on a Micro-server or your existing server on site. You can use as many Waiter tablets as you like and all will share the same live order information. Remember the demo restaurant is shared worldwide so don't be surprised to see orders changing without your input.

If you are interested in using this software or interfacing with your existing system to allow completed orders to be sent directly to your existing POS software please email.

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