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    WealthnBusiness App is presented by who specializes in success coaching and mentoring by Millionaires. With this app you have a direct line to get in contact, be invited to events and get resources such as, successful entrepreneurs, mastermind groups, venture capital and more! Our main focus is to bring coaching and success strategies to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Individuals who want to take advantage of such opportunities now have a platform through WealthNbusiness. WealthNbusiness connects mentors, angel investors and venture capital groups to the viable businesses, ideas and products of striving people who need their help. WealthNbusiness has three counterparts that go hand in hand with publishing it’s message. One is a broadcasting outlet called ‘business talk radio’ and the other is a website called Thirdly, a mobile application called WealthNbusiness and coming soon will be WealthNbusiness Magazine. We plan to take this message around the world!