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    This app gives you all the information you need to build your own Wordpress Website.
    If you want a website for business or personal use, the good news is that you can have one without having to go to a professional web-designer and without it costing you a lot of money.
    By doing it yourself, you’re also not at the mercy of friends – or friend’s teenage children – who are studying web-design at college. This can be a pain because you have to give them the information and then wait for them to do it for you. The downside is that, if they’re doing it for free or for very little, you can’t expect them to be as speedy as you would like.
    This app gives you all the information you need – literally ‘click-by-click’ to get started building your own website.
    It includes:
    • A report on how to build your site and everything you will need.
    • Video tutorials on every single step and click involved.
    • Links to website for further free videos and other resources

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