Winning Negotiations

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    HINTS AND TIPS - how you can develop your negotiating skills. Negotiations fail to reap the desired success 92% of the time. Just 8% of negotiations yield optimum results. This is due, on the one hand, to insufficient preparation and, on the other, to a lack of self-confidence at the negotiation table. Both of these can be learned.

    Friedhelm Wachs - a business and politics graduate who has been a fixture on the international negotiations scene for over thirty years, Friedhelm Wachs supports global corporations, governments and private individuals during tricky negotiations as well as giving lectures at private elite universities, including Germany’s leading business school, HHL - Leipzig Graduate School of Management. Friedhelm is a five-star speaker, best-selling author and one of the few European professionals lauded as a leading expert in negotiation management, even in Asia, both at the negotiation table and as a ghost negotiator. He founded the European Negotiation Institute, furthering academic exchange at Ivy League level.

    The appinar “Winning Negotiations” is designed to provide you with hints and tips explaining how you can develop your negotiating skills and win negotiations, in both your business and private lives. Use it to your advantage. You, too, can make millions in the long term by negotiating more effectively. I wish you every success. And don’t hesitate to contact me if you need advice or support.

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