Workphone BYOD (beta)




    ** We've just gone into official limited beta testing so try it out now! **

    Welcome to Workphone! A new and alternative solution to BYOD (bring your own device). This virtual Android smartphone resides in the cloud and you can connect from your personal iPhone or Android device wherever you are. It comes with standard telephone functions like its own phone number for calls and SMS. There is also support for Android enterprise apps. With a totally secure division between private and business, companies have much more fine-grained control over apps, data, monitoring and security.

    Enterprise features and benefits include:

    - A phone number for business calls and SMS
    - The ability to run any Android app including enterprise apps
    - Total separation between the employee's personal phone and the company Workphone
    - Low cost as no physical devices need to be provisioned and no carrier contracts are involved
    - Line reporting and voice / data monitoring features
    - Remote wipe and block

    Limited Beta Test Conditions:

    - If you want calls/SMS you need to do a small in-app purchase
    - Accounts are valid for 30 days
    - Due to limited resources the Workphones will be reset every 6 hours so everyone gets a chance to try it out
    - We may sometimes need to take the system offline for upgrades and maintenance
    - Not all features are implemented and you may find the odd small bug so please do let us know your feedback!
    - When making calls and sending SMS please include + and the country code, e.g. +1 for USA

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