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*** Ymonitor HD ***, stay informed and focussed on your IT performance and availability.

Ymonitor HD enables its users to view the availability and performance of their critical business applications and the underlying IT-chains up to the past week.

An IT-chain is a concatenation of business processes (often an application). An IT-chain is divided into several steps where each step is called a transaction.

Ymonitor measures the availability and performance of each IT-chain and underlying transactions within a critical business application. By selecting a chain in Ymonitor HD, the user has the possibility to view the availability and performance and, if applicable, the related alerts triggered within that particular IT-chain.

Ymonitor HD helps users to view all alerts over the past week in detail. Such detail contains the exact time and number of triggered alerts. Each trigger is based on a condition which is defined beforehand.

Ymonitor HD features:
- Companies list. Will present the number of alerts of the past 24 hours.
- Chains list. Will present the number of alerts depending on the selected aggregation.
- Multi-threading. Selecting another chain while still retrieving data from the currently selected chain.
- Caching. Stores all retrieved data from the server for 15 minutes and pressing the refresh button clears the cache.
- Enhanced graph plotting. Gives better visualization ..
- Sentinel Graphs. Enables the users to see the performance of the sentinels.
- Graph selection. Enables the users to select which transaction or sentinel graph they want to plot.
- Enhanced graph viewing. Possibility of zooming in and out with gestures and translating the plot.
- Suppression. Gives users the possibility to only show those chains that are performing below 100%.

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