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We all know it: "Time is money. " Every minute is precious and should be used meaningfully. This also applies to meetings! There are always people who are late to meetings - this unpunctuality wastes valuable time. Companies should ask themselves: "What are the costs incurred by notorious latecomers?" With the free app from WebDynamite you can answer this question easily.

The so-called "You are late" application calculates the costs of delayed meetings. Simply enter the planned beginning of the meeting, the number of participants and the estimated hourly wage in the user interface. The counter is running and the costs are displayed. Once the latecomers have arrived at the meeting, the timer can be stopped. The total cost is sure to cause quite a stir.

The notorious latecomers can also be informed by e-mail what costs are incurred because of their tardy appearance.

Use the "You are late" application by WebDynamite and you can bring your latecomers up to more punctuality. Give them a little lesson. Due to the e-mail notification or the direct cost information during the meeting latecomers are often getting embarrassed. Maybe they will be on time for the next meeting.

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