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Ayurvedic remedies for small illnesses with household items .

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Download PowerAmp MellowOrange Skin PowerAmp MellowOrange Skin icon
PowerAmp MellowOrange Skin

Beautiful skin for a popular PowerAmp player. Installation: - To come into the PowerAmp settings - To choose point a subject - To choose PowerAmp MellowOrange Skin

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Download Bit Byte Converter Bit Byte Converter icon
Bit Byte Converter

The Extreme Bit Byte Converter gives you the power to convert Bit , Bytes , KiloBytes , MegaBytes , GigaBytes , TeraBytes , PetaBytes , ExaBytes , ZettaBytes and YottaBytes all into to each other. Unlike most other apps on the market this one does not show any errors signs like (9.342534563E) and will display the "Out of Range" function…

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Download RuffierDickson Cardiotest Lite RuffierDickson Cardiotest Lite icon
RuffierDickson Cardiotest Lite

Cardiotest is an application that allows you to test your heart efficiency and its recovering capacity. Made from the Ruffier Dickson formula, this test lets you know if you can practice the sport safely, and is used as a tool by sports physicians . You can test all your family members (from 6 years), especially before applying for a certificate of…

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Download ProfitStars mRDC ProfitStars mRDC icon
ProfitStars mRDC

POINT. SHOOT. DEPOSIT. This application is intended for existing users of the Mobile Remote Deposit Capture service only and requires an established/configured/registered account on Mobile Remote Deposit Capture servers. It does not function without such an account. Contact ProfitStars for additional information.

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Download My BMI Advisor My BMI Advisor icon
My BMI Advisor

The essential app for your well being BMI compared to the size and weight

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Download Network Audio Player Pro Network Audio Player Pro icon
Network Audio Player Pro

NAP Pro is an Ad free version of the NAP music player that also includes: HTTP Streaming/Downloading, a Web Browser, background downloading and transfer resuming. Like the Ad supported version, NAP Pro features an integrated local network client, an FTP client and Chromecast support. Allowing users to connect to their home network, over a Wifi or m…

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Download SMS Cestovný lístok SMS Cestovný lístok icon
SMS Cestovný lístok

Cez tuto aplikaciu mozete pohodlne zakupit cestovne listky na MHD v mestach: Bratislava, Kosice, Zilina a Presov English: With this application, you can easily buy SMS tickets for public transport in selected Slovak cities. Currently, you can buy SMS tickets for Bratislava, Kosice and Zilina. The process is simple and straightforward. Select the…

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Download Informo Informo icon

The official mobile app for Informo. It was designed to help our customers keep in touch and do business with us.

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Download Aviary Effects: Love Aviary Effects: Love icon
Aviary Effects: Love

This effects pack is a plugin that only works inside Photo Editor by Aviary and select third-party apps that use Aviary's Photo Editor. You can download Photo Editor by Aviary here for FREE: --- Bring out the love in your photos with this beautiful pack of pa…

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Download TCP to SMS TCP to SMS icon

Using TCP to SMS makes any android mobile phone into an SMS gateway / SMS server Just send TCP data to the phone and an SMS will soon follow. **** TOTALLY FREE, NO ADS, NOT LOGGING/SAVING ANY PRIVATE INFO, **** IN APP GOOGLE ANALYTICS ONLY FOR MONITORING APP USAGE. The app runs in the background as a service, even if you exit the app itself.…

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Download Best Piano Choir Best Piano Choir icon
Best Piano Choir

We have prepared for you the special version of piano - Best Choir Piano. It contains unique sounds which are similar to the human voice. Play on our piano and make your own choir! Best Choir Piano is a virtual piano simulator , so that at any time you can practice your skills. The recording function will allow you to save your musical compositio…

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