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Mobilná aplikácia siete obsahuje aktuálne informácie v podobe noviniek, správ, článkov a recenzií. Kompletné informácie vrátane inzercie, profilu užívateľa a pod. sú dostupné na adrese

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Download Mohamed El Mazem - Anasheed Mohamed El Mazem - Anasheed icon
Mohamed El Mazem - Anasheed

Ecoutez anasheed de Mohamed El Mazem MP3 Tags : Anasheed Mohamed El Mazem Cette application est gratuite et utilisable par internet.

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Battery Widgets

-------- B Widgets -------- An amazing app that allows you to add widgets of your mobile's battery on your home screen! Simple and Useful. Features: - 3 different home screen widgets you can choose between them in Widget Type. - 2 different notification icons you chose what you like between them in Notification Type . - Battery information t…

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Download Touch Lua Touch Lua icon
Touch Lua

Touch Lua Features: +Tow modes: program/console (command line). +Multi program and directories support. +Normal and powerful editor (enter the code directly to the editor), with syntax highlighting. +Built in help: Tutorials (hands on), Wiki, Reference. +Sample programs provided. Use Touch Lua: +Learn programming and modern scripting. +Apply your…

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Download AlAsmaa -- 99 AlAsmaa -- 99 icon
AlAsmaa -- 99

The 99 names of Allah. (Al Asma ul Husna) "Grid" view shows all the names in one screen making it easy to find names quickly and to memorize them. "Gallery" view features: 1. Ninety nine names in Arabic 2. Transliteration 3. Description 4. Audio 5. Slideshow 6. Full-screen mode 7. Two sets of theme Click to toggle the screen…

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Download Blood Pressure Calculator Blood Pressure Calculator icon
Blood Pressure Calculator

Do a quick check to see if your blood pressure is at a healthy level using Medindia’s Blood Pressure Calculator.

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Download Alsunna Alsunna icon
Alsunna - Entrusted in spreading authentic knowledge and disseminating the true beliefs of Ahlus-Sunnah Wal-Jama^ah, the majority per the Hadih “Follow al-Jama^ah (majority) and Be Warned from faction. My nation shall never unite over a misguidance". These teachings will lead to Muslim unity and strong bonding. موقع السنّة - أمانة في حمل…

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Download Pensacola Mardi Gras Pensacola Mardi Gras icon
Pensacola Mardi Gras

The history of Pensacola's Mardi Gras goes back to 1874 when the first Knights of Priscus was formed. Pensacola’s parade is family friendly, it also offers entertainment for adults as well, separating the two makes our parade unique and fun for everyone to attend. We always ensure all age groups are having as much fun as possible.

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Download Keyboard Plus Gold Keyboard Plus Gold icon
Keyboard Plus Gold

Golden is the color of gold in visual art. It cannot be represented by a single solid color, because the term implies the metallic sheen of gold, which depends on the angle and the surface of the golden object. In traditional paintings from the Middle Ages, artists used fine sheets of real gold, or gold leaf for the saints' halos. It was always…

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Download TNSTC Bus Tamilnadu TNSTC Bus Tamilnadu icon
TNSTC Bus Tamilnadu

Using this application you can search ST bus of Tamilnadu. TNSTC is a passenger transport organization providing bus service both within Tamilnadu and neighboring States. Special services connecting to industrial zones, schools, colleges, also provided. This application help you to view TNSTC time table of bus service.

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Download Mapdd for Kustom Mapdd for Kustom icon
Mapdd for Kustom

Skin for Kustom Live Wallpaper app. Currently in beta (link in contact info). 3 pages. Center with material inspired home. Screen one with weather and sunrise/sunset info. Third screen with live Google Map in satelite mode. Help with map by Bill Surowicki. Thanks. If screen doesnt scroll do this: Pick a random image in gallery on phone and apply…

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Download Indigo Beat Maker Indigo Beat Maker icon
Indigo Beat Maker

Make Beats with your Sounds! ____________________________________ 1.) Voice Record or Load multiple Sounds into the 4 Tracks! *** NEW: Cut Beats and Samples from songs in your mp3 collection! *** 2.) Play around with your Sounds and make a nice Beat! 3.) Store your created Beat and share with others _____________________________________________…

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